About Us

Lucca Luxury started operating in 1964 under the name of Erdal Furniture. Lucca Luxury, which produces luxury and modern style armchairs, dining furniture and beds furniture in its 6000m2 production facility in Istanbul, offers you holistic design solutions and offers all kinds of features from wall designs to carpets, accessories to furniture groups. for the living quarters. With its professional production staff of 90 people, it is not only produces individual products, but also designs interior projects for buildings such as hotels, restaurants and villas, for all unique details.

Since its first day of production, it has always adopted customer satisfaction as its most valuable principle and has given the return of the products purchased by users by addressing their souls with their unique designs and their bodies with their comfortable structures. Thanks to its vision aimed at continuous improvement, Lucca Luxury closely follows the developing technology and design diversity. It combines technology and aesthetic designs and offers them to the users. All of its products are produced using first class materials and they are of high quality that cannot be discussed with the craftsmanship of their valuable masters. With its impressive designs, Lucca Luxury aims to make every person touched with a feeling of waking up in the palace every morning.